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Meet Our Staff

HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service – General Management

Bathing Beauties is owned and operated by Dr. Lisa Aumiller. Bathing Beauties general management is run by HousePaws. HousePaws has been in operation since 2012. Our dedication to individualized and comfortable care for pets lead us to want to add the concierge service of grooming at home.

We also believe that groomers are a part of the pet’s health care team by not only keeping them beautiful, but also recognizing early problems so pets ultimately live healthier, happier and cleaner lives.

Cheri B. – Integration Manager

Cheri hails from Burlington County and grew up owning a veritable menagerie of animals. She quickly developed a passion for anything with fur, feathers, or scales. She is a proud pet mommy to two bun-buns, three cats (one with cerebellar hyperplasia), and her deaf and blind doxie.

Cheri’s hobbies and interests include the visual arts, social/political activism, documentaries, podcasts, reading and making comics, and getting bad haircuts.

Cheri emphatically believes that pets are family that you get to pick, and deserve the same level of attention, affection, and care that you would provide any other family member. Working for Bathing Beauties Mobile Grooming, HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service, and PETS Emergency Transfer Service, she looks forward to doing her best to help you provide your four-legged family members with that care.

Kelly D. – Groomer (dogs only)

Kelly has been a groomer for Kelly D.over 5 years. She has always loved animals ever since she was a very young girl. She first got her start working with animals as a kennel attendant. She then went on to being a bather, but quickly knew she wanted to be a groomer. Kelly D loves dogs of all shapes and sizes but has a special place in her heart for seniors.

Kelly D currently resides in Delanco, NJ with her two rescue pups, Ace her boxer, Rocko her little mutt, and her betta fish Carlton.  In her free time she loves to garden, take her dogs hiking, and traveling.

Jesse – Groomer (dogs only)

JesseI am a dog groomer by profession, but I am a true lover of all animals at heart. From the time I was a little girl, I felt a special connection to animals. Dogs weren’t just dogs. They were “dog people,” as I called them at 3 years old. In my eyes, they still are…

As a child, I’d bring home all kinds of strays and injured critters, from orphaned kittens to flightless pigeons to baby chipmunks. To this day, I can’t just drive past a lost dog without pulling over to help him find his way home, or simply swerve around a turtle in the middle of the road. I’ll get out and stop traffic, pick him up and carry him to safety.

So it’s no surprise that I ended up working with animals. It is truly something I was meant to do. After years working my way through college as a waitress or doing other odd jobs, I took a job as a dog bather at a salon in Philly. I thought it was a temporary gig while I finished grad school. I apprenticed at that salon, learned to groom under a master groomer and went on to work there for the next 4 years.

When I began mobile grooming with Bathing Beauties in 2012, I truly found my niche. I love being on the road with new scenery each day. I especially love the relationships I have developed with my clients over the years. Some of my clients have become almost like family.

Despite thinking this was just a stepping stone while I finished my education,10 years and 2 college degrees later, I’m still grooming dogs and I couldn’t be happier. I love going to work every day. I get to make a living doing something that I’m very passionate about. For that, I’m very grateful.

Bonnie – Groomer (dogs and cats)

I was born and raised inBonnie NYC. From a very early age I always knew I wanted to work with animals.  Putting myself through college,  I worked at 2 veterinary hospitals in Brooklyn and  Manhattan. When I moved to New Jersey, I took a job at a kennel in 2002.  It was here that I was bitten by the grooming bug.  The owner bred top show Cocker Spaniels. He showed me the art of bathing, drying and brushing. I later moved on to work and manage a boarding and grooming business for an AKC  judge breeder, handler.  I continued to learn more and more about grooming. It wasn’t until 2012 that I got serious about becoming a groomer. I believe everyone is born with at least 1 gift.  Some people are fortunate to know from early on what those gifts are others ‘discover’ it. I like to think it has been a little of both for me. I always knew I had the touch with animals but it was a while before I realized I had a skill.One of the greater joys in life is being able to share yourself(gifts) with others.

Simone L. – Groomer (dogs and cats) (picture to come)

Hi. I’m Simone! Let’s start off with why I got into pet grooming. I went to high school originally to become a veterinarian. During my four years in school we also groomed. During those four years, I came to realize I had more talent to make a dog look and feel better then I did to treat them for ailments (I also couldn’t stomach it). Due to this realization and growing passion, I wanted to continue to groom. I applied to work for a grooming and boarding facility. At this particular shop, there were also rescue dogs being boarded. Some of these dogs were found on the streets or surrendered in horrible conditions. As I began my journey of grooming, I had to groom and help these poor souls. Once these dogs were cleaned up and free of mats, debris, scabbing, it was like these dogs had a new outlook on life. They didn’t feel miserable or look miserable.  Some had more pep in their step then when they first came to board. It was like these dogs gained their life back. For this reason and many more, is why I chose to continue grooming and to keep bettering my skills. I have been grooming since graduating in 2008 and can’t imagine myself doing anything else. Despite my young looks, I’ve got quite a bit of experience so no need to worry. My goal is to give you and your pets the best grooming experience possible and all my love. I look forward to grooming your furry best friend.  See you soon!

-Simone <3

Traci – Groomer (dogs and cats)

Traci has been an animal lover all her life, so in 2004, when she was given the option to go to BCIT for the Veterinary Technician program, she jumped at the chance. This is when she first started learning the basics of grooming. In high school, she started working as a kennel technician for a veterinary hospital. She soon moved on to work for a local grooming and boarding establishment. She cared for pets boarding and expanded her knowledge of grooming.  While she worked there, they did a lot of work with rescue groups. In this time, she aided and observed a veterinarian as the doctor performed numerous surgeries from spaying and neutering, to eye surgery and even an operation to remove a skunk’s scent glands.
After graduating from BCIT, Traci began attending BCC for Business Management. At the same time, she continued to work for the aforementioned grooming/boarding establishment; eventually making her way up to groomer and business manager.  She eventually bought the grooming business and was running it until recently. After having her first daughter,  she wanted to focus on being a groomer without all of the other stresses of being a business owner. This is when she decided to work for Bathing Beauties.
Traci currently lives in Riverside with her husband, young daughter, 3 dogs, a cat, 2 rabbits, and 3 fish tanks. She also loves her garden of lilies and a growing collection of orchids.

Chelsea V. – Receptionist (picture to come)

Chelsea is the receptionist for Bathing Beauties. In her free time she loves to go on hikes in the Pine Barrens with her lab mix, Jet, and two year old daughter, Charleigh. Together, they love camping, boating, hiking, and basically everything outdoors! Chelsea is currently going back to school to get an associates degree in veterinary technology. She has a huge place in her heart for all animals, especially dogs. She loves working in the animal world and cannot wait to see what the future has in store!