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Product List

We offer and proudly recommend a number of products that will benefit your pet!

Cod Liver Oil or Vegan Oil

Supports heart, brain, skin, and coat health. Essential for proper function of the immune and nervous systems


Drinking water additive to keep your pets mouth fresh and clean. Helps slow the build up of tartar and plaque.

Dermalyte and Hylite Soap-Free Shampoo

Soap free shampoo is designed specifically for your dog’s coat.


OtiSoothe and Corium

These are ear cleansers for dogs or cats of any age.  They’re great for routine ear cleansing in healthy ear canals or prior to the administration of other instilling treatments for otitis externa. These products are soothing, calming and formulated to remove debris and excessive cerumen.

Advantix or Seresto

Keep your pet protected from ticks and fleas year round with one of these great products. Fleas and ticks have been more and more active even in cooler fall and winter months, so it’s essential to use preventatives all year.

Grooming Supplies

Nail Trimmers.
Brushes and Combs. – Talk with your groomer about which brushes or combs she recommends based on your pet’s coat. The right brush or comb can make all the difference.

CET Oral Health Products

CET Chews – Tasty treats to help promote healthy teeth and gums.
CET Toothpaste – Available in different flavors, this tooth paste is designed specifically with pets in mind and entirely safe for them to ingest.
CET Toothbrushes and Fingerbrushes – Water additives and chewy treats are great, but nothing beats regular, frequent brushing of teeth.