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 What happens in that Bathing Beauties Mobile Grooming truck to create magic like this?

Our groomers spend 1-3 hours with your pooch to make them beautiful! Ever wonder the process? So you want to know why in tarnation it takes that long? Wonder no more!

Meet and greet – First we meet your pet and let them know what is going to happen. We give them loving pets, assess their skin and coat, discuss how they would like their hair.  And then we begin!

Protective lube goes into their eyes so the shampoo doesn’t inadvertently cause a problem or irritation to those beautiful eyes!

Stinky anal glands?  At your request, external anal gland expression is included in the cost of your pet’s grooming service. You can have their glands cleaned out, and we do it before we start the actual bath! Our groomers have been taught by the vets at HousePaws to do an external extraction. Since our expression is done externally, your pup won’t feel quite so “violated” and you’ll still get rid of that stinky, fishy smell and cut down on all that “scooting.”

Let the bath begin! We wash our pups with the finest SOAP free shampoos. Why SOAP free? Dogs skin depend on oil to protect the skin. These shampoos not only clean the pet but help them from drying out or getting itchy or flaky a few weeks after their bath. We have a great line of shampoos for different coats including:

  • Very Berry Gentle and Plum-Tastic, our general shampoos for well conditioned and cared for skin and hair
  • Dermalyte Shampoo for sensitive skin
  • KetoSeb + PS Shampoo for pets with a history of skin issues that need a medicated shampoo

You can upgrade your package for extra conditioning!

Sellsheet_NailsDry time! We first put a soft headband around their ears, or cotton rounds gently at the outer openings of their ears – consider them pup muffs. This protects their sensitive ears to the sound of the dryer.

Style time ! The groomers begin working their magic. Using a variety of sheers or clippers they help to let the beauty shine!

NSellsheet_Perfumeails, ears, and teeth! They are all important parts that we assess and keep clean when grooming. We routinely with every groom clean the ears, clip the nails , and brush the teeth. They even get to keep their own toothbrush courtesy of our friends at HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service!

You can add to your cat or dog’s mani/pedi  if you want, for extra beautiful nails! We can grind or dremmel your pet’s nails for rounded edges as an additional service so they are nice and smooth.

Sellsheet_TeethA side note on ears and teeth. We don’t pluck ears at Bathing Beauties, we clip them. Plucking is an age old practice groomers do; however, we now know ripping out hair hurts AND causes inflammation which can lead to post grooming ear infections. Only the best for your fur baby!

Clean teeth cant be achieved if you only brush when your pet gets groomed. We also can not brush diseased teeth or gums. If we have a pet with a diseased mouth we apply breath freshener and will recommend you see your veterinarian. Let the oral hygiene be a daily experience! Ask for one of our dental home hygiene kits. They even include a how to brush step by step guide so you can help your pet avoid dental problems like gingivitis.

TSellsheet_Haircuthrow in the frills ! We throw in the frills ( bows and bandanas) because ever pet deserves to feel special. The groom ends with a nice grain free Treat safe for all pets (sweet potato treat). The groomers will present your renewed loved one with a little report card bringing to your attention and growths, warts, skin, ear, or dental problems they noticed along the way to pass on to your vet!

Thanks for taking the time to learn what we do and how we do it. Our groomers work very hard at making pet beautiful AND have a great experience.

Sprayed by a skunk? The Humane Society recommends stirring together 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of Dawn or Palmolive dish soap. Apply the mixture to your pet’s coat and let it sit for at least ten minutes- before wetting your pet.  Then rinse, being careful not to get the mixture into your pet’s eyes.

We offer some great products for your pets too! Check our our product line.